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"Bella’s Rolfing treatment is the most transformative bodywork I have experienced. Though I have a lot of mileage on my body, Bella's work changed my well-being profoundly. I will always be grateful for her influence in my life."
– R. L. McDonald, US Army


"As I continue to age, I can attest to Bella's gifted skills. Without her, I would have died years ago. Thank you Bella!"
- D. Jackson, Canine Family Practice

"After a long hard hike or walk, Bella's work does magic on my body. I will always be indebted to her for my well-being."
- Annie D. Candler, Wildlife Specialist

I am really satisfied and feel such positive shifts in my body from the Rolfing I receive from you. It works very positively for me, and I am very happy for meeting you. You not only "know what you are doing"... you are meant to be a leader, who can take Rolfing further in to perfection.
Armen Nalbandyan


I am feeling great! You found the answer to my problem, between your wonderful hands and the exercise you prescribed I am free to dream that I will get better. I just hope that this euphoria will last.
Gladys Vercesi

Bella Cohen, Certified Rolfer
Call: (323) 240-5449
Burbank, CA 91504