Rolfing FAQ

How are Rolfing and Yoga related?
Rolfing and yoga can work synergistically to facilitate a person’s development physically, spiritually and psychologically. Rolfing is the only form of bodywork that succeeds in reorganizing connective tissue or fascia holistically in relation to gravity. What this means is simply that after Rolfing, the body’s layers of connective tissue have ordered space. This quality of spaciousness invites ease of movement, an increased awareness of self in relation to others or in relation to self, and an interest in how to maintain this new posture.

When a person begins to study yoga after receiving Rolfing, he can continue to develop his mind/body connection. The body’s new spaciousness and order allows the client to go deeper into postures with more ease. Often yoga instructors describe this state of depth as a profound new attainment of “letting go”.

Is Rolfing painful?
Rolfing does not have to be painful. The client and practitioner typically collaborate to recognize and to respect the client’s comfort level. Often adhesed tissues being addressed can have more sensation, but the work should move along with the client’s nervous system in such a way as to replace the “glued” tissues with a feeling of lightness and freedom of movement.

Rolfing can be a restorative, rejuvenative process. Many clients report feeling more energy and increased ease of movement as though they were being buoyed by gravity. For many people emotional releases may also accompany the work. The body accommodates the newly found space in the fascia and welcomes the sensations created through Rolfing.

Do You Have to Go Through the Ten Series to Benefit from Rolfing?
The ten series recipe was Dr. Rolf’s method of thoroughly reorganizing and integrating a person’s entire connective tissue system. Often clients come to Rolfing to “fix” a particular ailment, like a bulging disc or sciatic pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. While Rolfing can usually ameliorate these acute problems, often clients realize after one session that the new order and spaciousness created could be benefited by additional sessions. The ten series is a way of logically organizing all of the body’s fascia, thereby creating lasting order in the client’s structure.

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